Each one is a still picture scored as if it were a film.
It's about getting lost in images. 

  • The installation is normally presented to screening audiences in an immersive cinema environment.
  • Please feel free to watch them ...and , if possible, please remember to do so with headphones, to enhance the quality of your experience and clarity of the image !.


  1. "Mrs BROWN" (City) Anonymous Photographer
  2. "The FISHERMEN" By Kind Permission from Jean Gaumy / Magnumphotos
  3. "WIND" (Jan 18 2002 ) By Very kind permission from Martin Parr / Magnumphotos
  4. "THREE TREES" 2018 By very kind permission from Veronique Vial
  5. "L'OISEAU DU PRESENT2018 By very kind permission from Veronique Vial
  6. "STREET MARBLES" By kind permission from Paul Berriff / Margnumphotos
  7. "VENICE SCOOTER" By Kind Permission from Veronique Vial